Our Work


Syngenta is a global agri-business. They work in 100 countries around the world and develop solutions that transform how crops are grown.

Our relationship with Syngenta has developed over ten years, and today we can proudly say we are a certified global partner.

Working with Syngenta teams around the world, our work has been vast and tackled critical, but challenging topics such as:

  • Recognising, sharing and celebrating great work amongst a global and disparate workforce.
  • Creating distinct identities for key business areas whilst maintaining alignment with the core brand.
  • Shifting mind-sets and behaviours e.g. raising awareness on how employees can personally minimise the organisations exposure to cyber-crime.


Using animation to engage and inspire employees

And the Award goes too…

Supporting the Syngenta Global Awards for over eight years

Creating a consistent look for a global team

Formalising the overall style used by the Syngenta Compliance team in order to deliver a consistent look to all of their activities

Align and inspire

Telling the business where you’re going and what kind of company you want to be

Cauliflower is King

Using infographics to educate employees about the vegetable seeds business

Recipe for success

Sharing employee recipes from around  the world